Job in Saudi

Senior Combustion/Package Engineer at JGC Gulf International Limited Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia


About the Company

JGC Gulf International Co. Ltd., is one of the biggest Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services company in the Saudi Arabia. Over the years, JGC Gulf has completed projects in the Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and has been involved in projects in Qatar & Kuwait.

JGC Gulf has multinational highly technical, efficient engineering and non-engineering professionals with wide experience in the EPC and other industry, JGC Gulf also is giving change to huge number of Saudi Engineering and non-engineering professions in their field. Each year JGC Gulf recruits fresh Saudi Engineers from Campus to train and make eligible them to become true professionals. Safety, Quality, Schedule and Cost effectiveness are the foundation in JGC Gulf projects, at JGC Gulf we always care about these three points. Read more here about the company

Summary and Requirements

Company’s Name: JGC Gulf International Limited Expected Role: Engineering
Location: Saudi Arabia Experience: 7 – 10 years
Deadline: 31st October, 2022 Education: Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering


Prepare the engineering deliverables, give instructions to each Engineer, review the outputs of the Engineers, participate in reviews, and coordinate with other parties to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the objectives, the contracts in line with the engineering department’s strategy, and the objectives of the project in question. Perform the engineering work of a specific design area from the Combustion & Packaged Equipment, Department related scope.

Job in Saudi Arabia

Engineering operation management

  • To ensure completion in accordance with intended time and cost limitations as per the project execution plan and strategy, lead and implement the plan for individual tasks to the fair quality, cost, and schedule.
  • Prepare a project-specific engineering execution plan or strategy that reflects the goals of the project, JGC Gulf, and the department. This plan should include a deliverable list with a target date, milestone planning, internal schedule cost reduction ideas, risk identification, and a risk management strategy.
  • assisting the lead engineer with strategy development, planning, reviewing, and selecting the usage of engineering subcontractors for the relevant project.
  • Participate in the solution of problems including conflicting design/scope requirements, unclear specifications, unsuitability of standard materials, and challenging coordination requirements to help the project be completed successfully.
  • Work with other engineering or operational departments to coordinate project operations to encourage participation of the right staff in project completion.
  • Deliver autonomously on more difficult tasks or activities in accordance with the Lead Engineer’s instructions to support project goals.
  • Join professional groups to stay up to date on technological advancements.
  • Coordinate with other engineering disciplines and create interfaces, using an engineering subcontractor.
  • Assist in establishing the project’s goals to help with the creation of a thorough project design, bids, and proposals.
  • Outline the requirements for the project, allocate responsibilities, and monitor development to make sure the goals are being accomplished.
  • Providing thorough inputs to construction to estimate and carry out the site work, as well as timely inputs to the downstream and upstream disciplines (ERD). oversee the creation of the necessary paperwork for the specified projects as needed.
  • Give a small staff that has been temporarily assigned guidance on technical matters.
  • To make sure that the contracts and the procurement data sheet are in line with the needs of the clients, analyze them.
  • To make sure the project is finished in the allotted amount of time and money, provide guidance to the project teams, vendors, design engineers, outsourcing team, etc.
  • Examine the daily schedules that have been created and make a plan to make sure that the projects are finished successfully and within the required spending limits.
  • Review the output of engineering subcontractors, including its development, quality, deliverables, reporting, etc.
  • Solve more difficult challenges and issues raised by engineers to make sure that recommendations are made for actions in accordance with established standards and the president’s experience.
  • Give a small, temporarily appointed team technical direction.
  • examine the contracts and the procurement data sheet to make sure they are in line with the demands of the clients.
  • Help project teams, vendors, design engineers, outsourcing teams, etc. to make that the project is finished on schedule and within the necessary budget.
  • Review the created daily schedules and make a plan to make sure the tasks are finished successfully and within the necessary spending limits.
  • Examine the output from engineering subcontractors in terms of progress, quality, deliverables, reporting, etc.
  • To ensure that recommendations for action are made in accordance with predetermined criteria and the president’s experience, engineers must resolve more complicated issues and problems.
  • Aid the lead engineer in creating the schedule for the closing meeting with the engineering subcontractors.
  • Help the lead engineer with the procurement team’s feedback on the vendor assessment.
  • Take part in identifying and putting into practice opportunities for continuous improvement, such as Lessons Learned from the Project in Question and Sustainability of Systems, Processes, and Practices Considering Global Standards, Productivity Improvement, and Cost Reduction.
  • Implement department improvement initiatives (from the yearly plan, etc.), including workshops, to boost execution quality, effectiveness, and timeliness in accordance with departmental goals.

Minimum Experience & Knowledge

  •  7 to 10 years’ experience in Engineering Execution in EPC industrial projects or Oil and Gas preferably in the GCC. (Length of experience years are for reference only) (Min. 5 years’ experience in the desired role to handle specific eqpt. ex. CMB eqpt. Or PKG eqpt. Or IM Eqpt.)
  •  Knowledge to responsible engineering category.
  • Knowledge to Quality Management System
  • Complete tasks according to project execution plan and instruction by Lead Engineer, Principal Engineers.
  • Problem Solving in projects